Machine Learning Platform
for Translational Medicine

Providing value to biopharma and diagnostic companies
at different stages of development, suporting your efforts
from bench to bedside.

Analysing your data streams to extract knowledge and insight

SimplicityBio’s machine learning platform - BOSS - analyses your biological, clinical, digital data streams to extract knowledge and insight that can lead to disease mechanism understanding, drug target discovery, biomarker identification, patient stratification, and drug repositioning.
Our unique multi-biomarker agnostic approach discovers novel combinations of new (or validated) biomarkers from structured data provided by our clients. The resulting models are also human interpretable and robust.
Clients have secure access to BOSS, in order to investigate the raw results, query models, and also analyse their own data.

Robustness throughout development and different cohorts

SimplicityBio’s unbiased approach supports early target identification (deciphering), to pre-clinical (e.g. toxicity, efficacy, bridging biomarkers) and clinical phases (drug repositioning, patient selection or stratification, diagnostic, prognostic). BOSS provides unprecedented support for technological switch, as you move from exploratory discovery (e.g. NGS) to a more focused validation and commercialization (e.g. qPCR).

Communicate actionable results with all stakeholders

Unlike other solutions, BOSS generates models which are white-box by design. This allows multidisciplinary teams to review models and clearly articulate the biological meaning to all stakeholders: bioinformaticians, biologists, clinicians, key opinion leaders, management and regulatory agents. Models are a combination of markers and rules, the latter being a concept from fuzzy logic, a core component of our machine learning pipeline.

Enhance your efforts from R&D to Market

From as early as target identification to pre-clinical and clinical phases, BOSS generates performant and robust multi-biomarker models and validates them on follow-up cohorts (usually bigger and more diverse). As you move closer to having a test, BOSS helps fine-tune the models (without changing the biomarkers), or keep their performance as you switch to another platform (e.g. NGS to qPCR). After the final model has been selected, BOSS allows you to execute it and generate predictions for new patients. Data can be securely saved, for future performance improvements.

Our Clients

"SimplicityBio has been the ideal partner for the Neuroallianz D13B project led by the university of Kiel, University of Tubingen and UCB. Its BOSS machine learning platform discovered miRNA-based signatures for early stage Parkinson’s disease diagnostic. The technology versatility has allowed to combine multiple miRNA, proteins or both, leading to a common peer-reviewed publication.”

Andre da Costa
Associate Director Experimental Medicine & Diagnostics (Biomarkers) I UCB
Márcia Santos
Senior Scientist I UCB

"I have no hesitation in highly recommending SimplicityBio as a great partner. They have been with us in every step of our project over the last two years, from discovery of candidate biomarker signatures all the way through to their validation. Their unique platform delivered robust signatures that kept performing even when switching from plasma to serum and before being optimised. They have helped us extract the best from our data, exploring it fully in both the technical and commercial areas. This gave us the outcomes we needed and the confidence to raise funds and move forward. Without SimplicityBio's technology (and team support) it would not have been possible. Their responsiveness and commitment to understand our needs makes them a partner of choice"

Dr Brad Walsh
CEO | Mi)nomic International Ltd
Adjunct Professor | Macquarie University

"We were very enthusiastic about working together and discovering new original and non-traditional methods to analyze our data. In case we want to implement this type of approach in any other study, we won’t hesitate to come back to SimplicityBio."

Sophie Blein Ph.D
Biostatistics/Bioinformatics | bioMérieux
Medical Diagnostics Discovery Department | MD3


SimplicityBio joins the AAIH

We are pleased to announce that SimplicityBio joins the Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, AAIH, as a founding member! This alliance allows us to work and share expertise with other healthcare leaders to promote rapid integration and utilisation of AI in healthcare.

2018 BIO International Convention

SimplicityBio will be at BIO 2018 in Boston, MA, USA from June 4-7. Visit us at the Swiss Pavilion, booth nr. 2221.

7th International Cancer Cluster Showcase BIO 2018

SimplicityBio was selected to present at the ICCS on the first day of BIO 2018 in Boston BCEC's Rooms 256 & 258A. We look forwards to present our platform and to hear more about emerging start-ups, promising clinical trial results and other innovative technology platforms and meet you during the networking opportunities.

Ventures Leaders China Selection

The members of the Swiss National Startup Teams have a clear-cut goal, to take a new step to their global expansion. Venturelab has 17 years of bringing Swiss startup teams to high-tech hotspots in this case, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The 300+ alumni have created 3500+ jobs, generated more than CHF 1.4 billion in investments and won multiple awards. These business development programs are specifically structured to help them achieve this goal.