• SimplicityBio is now part of QuartzBio

    Precision for Medicine today announced the acquisition of SimplicityBio, adding artificial intelligence to Precision’s QuartzBio multiomic data integration and informatics platform.

    Full press release
  • SimplicityBio joins the AAIH

    We are pleased to announce that SimplicityBio joins the Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, AAIH, as a founding member! This alliance allows us to work and share expertise with other healthcare leaders to promote rapid integration and utilisation of AI in healthcare.

  • 2018 BIO International Convention

    SimplicityBio will be at BIO 2018 in Boston, MA, USA from June 4-7. Visit us at the Swiss Pavilion, booth nr. 2221.

  • 7th International Cancer Cluster Showcase BIO 2018

    SimplicityBio was selected to present at the ICCS on the first day of BIO 2018 in Boston BCEC's Rooms 256 & 258A. We look forwards to present our platform and to hear more about emerging start-ups, promising clinical trial results and other innovative technology platforms and meet you during the networking opportunities.

  • Ventures Leaders China Selection

    The members of the Swiss National Startup Teams have a clear-cut goal, to take a new step to their global expansion. Venturelab has 17 years of bringing Swiss startup teams to high-tech hotspots in this case, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The 300+ alumni have created 3500+ jobs, generated more than CHF 1.4 billion in investments and won multiple awards. These business development programs are specifically structured to help them achieve this goal.

  • L’AGEFI Article

    "L'AGEFI" mentions SimplicityBio's growth challenges and selection for Venture Leaders China 2018.

  • Peer-reviewed article on early diagnosis of Parkinson's

    Early diagnosis of Parkinson's using panels of either miRNAs-only or a combination of miRNAs and proteins, from CSF. Cross-sectional cohort comprising 40 early stage PD patients and 40 well-matched controls. Identified a panel comprising 5 microRNAs with 90% sensitivity, 80% specificity and 82% AUC for the differentiation of the cohorts. Combination of miRNA profiles with hallmark-proteins of PD yielded a panel reaching 97% sensitivity, 90% specificity and 96% AUC.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Pharma

    SimplicityBio's COO was an invited speaker with a talk focused on "AI in personalized medicine" and panelist at the "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Pharma" conference organized by the Max Planck Alumni Association. Another great opportunity to showcase some of the success stories of our machine learning platform for translational medicine.

  • BIO Europe Spring 2018

    SimplicityBio was selected to present in the Next Generation track at the BIO Europe Spring 2018. Drop by or schedule a 1-to-1 meeting. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. March 12-14, 2018.

  • Poster, MiCheck-01 prospective trial results at ASCO GU Cancers Symposium 2018

    SimplicityBio’s customer Minomic presents the MiCheck assay results. The 350-patient study highlights the test’s performance in differentiating Aggressive from Non-Aggressive Prostate Cancer. Algorithm development are ongoing.

  • Swiss Nordic Bio 2018

    Swiss Nordic Bio in Zurich is a high-level partnering and investor event where Swiss and Nordic biotech startups, pharmaceutical companies and investors meet. Swiss Nordic Bio, previously Swiss Scandinavian Bio-Business Seminar, is organised by the Nordic countries in cooperation with Swiss partners.

  • SimplicityBio is Awarded the CTI Start-Up Label

    SimplicityBio's CTI Start-Up journey was crowned by the CTI Label, a seal of quality, achievement, and a sign of credibility and readiness for sustainable growth. The label is awarded after a technical, IP and financial assessment of SimplicityBio and a final presentation to seasoned entrepreneurs.

  • SimplicityBio joins EU-funded (EUROSTARS) HeartLinc Program

    SimplicityBio will apply its expertise in the frame of this €3.2 million research program, the consortium will develop an innovative in vitro diagnostic (IVD) test to assess the risk of developing heart failure (HF) after acute myocardial infarction (AMI). The test will be based on a unique profile of long noncoding RNAs (lncRNA).

  • BIO Europe Spring 2017

    SimplicityBio was selected to present in the Next Generation track at the BIO Europe Spring 2017. Drop by or schedule a 1-to-1 meeting. Barcelona, Spain. March 20-22, 2017.

  • TAmiRNA and SimplicityBio join forces to improve microRNA biomarker development

    TAmiRNA and SimplicityBio, a Swiss bioinformatics company specialized in in silico biomarker discovery, signed a partnership agreement. The aim of this partnership is to accelerate TAmiRNA´s biomarker development programs and to offer compelling biomarker development services to clients from academia and biotech industry.

  • SimplicityBio wins the 19th annual IMD Startup Competition (2016/2017)

    IMD is a top business school based in Switzerland, ranked top 3 worldwide in executive education for 5 years in a row now. SimplicityBio will collaborate with the EMBA class and travel to Silicon Valley in 2017.

  • BIO Europe Cologne 2016

    SimplicityBio was selected by Johnson & Johnson Innovation to present at BIO Europe. Drop by or schedule a 1-to-1 meeting. Cologne, Germany. November 7-9, 2016.

  • SimplicityBio has partnered with TATAA Biocenter

    Biomarker Discovery, complete solutions.
    TATAA Biocenter has partnered with SimplicityBio to offer complete solutions for biomarker discovery, model optimization and validation. The partnership offers a complete solution comprising biomarker discovery, assay and protocol optimization, analytical validation, standardization, and clinical validation leading to robust and reliable biomarker models for diagnostics, prognostics and theranostics. Platforms include microarrays, qPCR, dPCR and NGS and virtually any kind of biomarkers with emphasis on mRNA, microRNA, lncRNA, DNA (SNP, CNV, methylation, cfDNA), protein and circulating tumor cells.

  • Swiss Startup Day 2016

    SimplicityBio was selected to pitch in front of investors at the Swiss Startup Day. Drop by or schedule a 1-to-1 meeting. Bern, Switzerland. October 25, 2016.

  • Poster at Global Summit on Precision Diagnosis for Prostate Cancer

    Minomic’s poster presents the Multivariate Index Analyte (MIA) Assays for Differentiating Aggressive from Non-Aggressive Prostate Cancer at the First Global Summit on Precision Diagnosis for Prostate Cancer in Boston, USA.

  • Swiss Patent Pending

    SimplicityBio has a Swiss Patent Pending on its technology and methods. For more information please contact us.

  • Client publication in Cancer Research

    Our client Cellipse has published a peer-reviewed article in AACR’s “The Journal of Cancer Research”, 1 June 2016 Edition.

  • Pioneers Festival 2016

    SimplicityBio was selected as one of the most 500 promising early-stage tech start-up and attended the Pioneers Festival, meeting with prospects and investors. May 23 - 25. Vienna, Austria.

  • SimplicityBio is a MassChallenge Switzerland 2016 Finalist

    MassChallenge is a well-known startup accelerator. No equity and not-for-profit, they provide startups with the access and resources we need to succeed - from free office space to mentoring, workshops and global network access.

  • BIO Europe Spring 2016

    SimplicityBio will be presenting at the BIO Europe. Drop by or schedule a 1-to-1 meeting. Stockholm, Sweden. April 4-6, 2016.

  • START Summit 2016

    Meet SimplicityBio at the START Summit. St. Gallen, Switzerland. March 18-19, 2016.

  • 3rd Austrian Biomarker Symposium 2016

    SimplicityBio will be attending the 3rd Austrian Biomarker Symposium 2016. Vienna, Austria. March 10-11, 2016.

  • 11th Annual Biomarkers Congress

    SimplicityBio is proud to be a sponsor of the 11th Annual Biomarkers Congress in Manchester, UK, February 25-26, 2016. Looking forward to meeting you there.

  • R&D Project With HEIG-VD Accepted And Financed by the CTI

    The R&D project “Simplicity Explorer - Development and integration of new methods for exploration, selection, and visualization of diagnostic signatures” with our partner HEIG-VD, has been accepted and financed by the CTI - Commission for Technology and Innovation. Starting date is Q2 2016.

  • SimplicityBio Awarded The Seed Loan By The FIT Foundation

    SimplicityBio was awarded by the FIT the Seed Loan of 100'000 CHF. The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) has been helping startups since 1994 and celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. The FIT aims to support high technology and innovative projects by providing appropriate financial assistance.

  • BIO-Europe 2015

    Meet SimplicityBio in Munich, Germany. November 2-4, 2015.

  • R&D Project With Swiss Company Bioreba Accepted And Financed by the CTI

    The CTI project with the Swiss company Bioreba, the Bern University and the Agroscope was accepted by the CTI.

  • Biomarker Summit Europe 2015

    SimplicityBio is proud to be a gold sponsor of the Biomarker Summit Europe 2015 in Berlin, Germany, October 5-8, 2015. Meet us there.

  • Meeting of Experts on Biomarkers

    SimplicityBio has been invited to the Meeting of Experts on Biomarkers to Discriminate Bacterial from other Infectious Causes of Acute Fever, in Geneva, Switzerland. September 22-23 2015.

  • The Ark Foundation

    SimplicityBio featured in the The Ark Foundation's Annual Report 2014, with an interview of Miguel Barreto, CEO. Article in French.

  • Nordic Life Science Days 2015

    Meet SimplicityBio at the Nordic Life Science Days in Stockholm, Sweden. September 9-10, 2015.

  • RTS radio interview

    SimplicityBio's CEO interviewed by the Radio télévision suisse (RTS), a Swiss public broadcasting organisation.

  • Top 10 finalist on the Swisscom StartUp Challenge

    SimplicityBio reaches the Swisscom StartUp Challenge finals, out of 150 candidates.

  • 2015 BIO International Convention

    Meet SimplicityBio in Philadelphia, PA, USA. June 15-18, 2015.

  • L'Hebdo article

    SimplicityBio's CEO was chosen by the Swiss magazine L'Hebdo as one of the 100 personalities that will build the French-speaking Switzerland region.

  • SimplicityBio part of the Swiss National Startup Team 2015

    SimplicityBio won the Venture Leaders USA 2015, thus becoming part of the Swiss National Startup Team 2015.

    The venture leaders - the members of the Swiss national startup team - have a clear-cut goal. They envision themselves as global players and want to take the first step to their global expansion. The ten-day business development program in Boston and New York is specifically structured to help them achieve this goal.

  • Le Temps article

    SimplicityBio mentioned in a "Le Temps" article about bioinformatics.

  • Venture Kick II

    SimplicityBio received the Venture Kick II award.

  • CTI Coaching Acceptance

    SimplicityBio has passed with success the CTI Coaching Acceptance milestone, in Bern. The company has been presented to a panel of specialists from the Swiss Comitee for the Technology Innovation. The venture will now benefit from the support granted by the CTI start-up programme, leading to the CTI label.

  • Venture Kick I

    SimplicityBio received the Venture Kick I award.

  • Bilan Magazine article

    SimplicityBio mentioned in a Bilan article about big data and bioinformatics.

  • Bilan Magazine selects SimplicityBio

    SimplicityBio selected as one of the 50 start-ups in which to invest in 2014 by Bilan, the reference business magazine in Suisse Romande. This is the second consecutive year Bilan magazine has a feature on the 50 start-ups in which to invest.

  • Laureate “Suisse des Talents”, Rezonance

    Miguel Barreto, CEO was an invited panel speaker at the event "La Suisse des Talents", organized by Rezonance.

  • Le Nouvelliste Valais article

    SimplicityBio wins Prix Liechti 2013 and is featured in the "Le Nouvelliste". Article in French.

  • Winner Prix Liechti 2013, Fondation Dr. René Liechti

    SimplicityBio received the award from the Liechti Foundation.

  • PME Magazine

    Article in "PME Magazine" referring to SimplicityBio.

  • Top 5 finalists AXA Innovation Award 2013, AXA Winterthur

    SimplicityBio was selected from 120 startups from all Switzerland.

  • L'AGEFI article

    Article about SimplicityBio and its incubator, BioArk. Article in French.

  • "The Ark" grant, La Fondation pour l'innovation en Valais

    SimplicityBio was selected by The Ark to be part of their incubation programme.