Multiomic data integration image

Multiomic data integration and informatics

  • Harmonize and integrate large, complex multiomic data sets within and across trials (covering flow cytometry, genomics, transcriptomics, IHC / imaging, clinical annotations, and beyond)
  • Consolidate data from multiple labs for internal analysis–reducing time from days or weeks to minutes–to maximize on-study utility
  • Create submission-ready data sets (including CDISC) using a secure 21 CFR Part 11 compliant infrastructure
  • Generate AI-derived signatures across integrated multiomic data sets and explore results in an intuitive, interpretable, and interactive interface

Proprietary AI-based algorithm

Robust biomarker signature selection and filtering engine

UI for signature and biomarker specific exploration


Simplicity's proprietary AI-based platform uncovers complex biological insights by algorithmically exploring thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of potential biomarker signatures - our layered technology then selects the most accurate set of models / signatures based on user input that defines acceptably performing models.
Our platform inherently deals with noisy, heterogeneous, unbalanced and missing data.